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The Pelvic floor Training

Easy. Fast. Effective.

Recommended by experts

The Pelvic floor Training

Easy. Fast. Effective.

Recommended by experts

PelviPowerTM trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles. In everyday clothing, conveniently while sitting. PelviPowerTM combines the latest medical technology with targeted support for independent training.

Pelvic floor training to suit your requirements


Bladder weakness, intestinal weakness, trickling, prevention

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[Translate to Englisch:] PelviPowerTM: Beckenbodentraining für Frauen


Menopause, menstrual cramps, tightening tissue, raising libido

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[Translate to Englisch:] PelviPowerTM: Beckenbodentraining für Männer


Vitality, increasing potency, prostatectomy, rehabilitation

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Postal recovery

Preparation for birth,
postnatal recovery

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[Translate to Englisch:] PelviPowerTM: Beckenbodentraining gegen Rückenschmerzen


Backache, relaxation,
strengthening, posture

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[Translate to Englisch:] PelviPowerTM: Beckenbodentraining für Sportler/innen


Strengthening, enhancing performance,
fitness, stability, bodyforming

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Magnetic Field Training

Biofeedback Training

You train your pelvic floor in normal everyday clothing on the PelviPowerTM. The training is based on magnetic field stimulation and the biofeedback of your body.

A training session on the PelviPowerTM takes 15–20 minutes. The pelvic floor muscles are contracted up to 25,000 times by the magnetic waves. One to two training sessions per week are adequate to achieve effective success.

PelviPowerTM can relax and strengthen your pelvic floor and stimulate better blood flow. After just a few training sessions, an improvement is noticeable.

During your PelviPowerTM training you are always accompanied by a qualified trainer and receive professional help as required.In addition, you receive your personal training card to record all your successes.

Doctors and physiotherapists recommend the PelviPowerTM training for the optimal strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

Your way to a strong pelvic floor

The PelviPowerTM training principle

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Experiences of doctors & therapists

With the PelviPower training, it is possible for women and mothers to improve the coordination, stability and strength of pelvic floor contraction, as well as to eliminate incontinence and the symptoms of a descending pelvic floor.

Maria Elliott

Physiotherapist, Director MEPS Clinic, London

This training is a helpful option especially in the treatment of persons with restricted mobility.

Prim. Dr. univ. med. Eva Maria Uher

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Sexual Medicine, Director Pelvic Floor in the Centre, Vienna 

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Not only competitive sportspeople but everybody should make provisions at an early stage for their health and quality of life. The PelviPower training is easy to use, saves time and brings excellent results in prevention and fitness for the pelvic floor.

Dirk Ulaszewski

Olympic participant, Seoul 1988 in the 1000 metres single kayak,
multiple World Championship participant, multiple German champion, member of emadeus (club of the German Sports Aid Foundation), member of “VSO”

The technology is mature and state-of-the-art. Owing to its versatility, the therapeutic spectrum ranges from faecal incontinence to rehabilitation after a prostatectomy. The system represents a good complementary measure in continence therapy.

Dr. med. univ. Max Kumpfmüller

Surgeon and proctologist FMH
Surgery & Rectum Practice, St. Gallen, Switzerland

The training success is very positive. For almost all patients, it led to a significant improvement or elimination of the symptoms.

Dr. med. univ. Darius Chovghi

Specialist in General Medicine,
state-certified trainer for weight training and gymnastics, CMI Diploma in Men’s Health

The magnetic field stimulation is very suitable for strengthening the core. It offers an excellent depth effect for effective neuromuscular training.

Univ.-prof. DDr. Winfried Mayr

Professor of Rehabilitation Technology

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Yes, it is possible to carry out the training without getting undressed or changing clothes. Through the use of magnetic waves, signals are transported into the muscles transmission-free. Magnetic waves penetrate every body without resistance. You sit in a comfortable training chair in an adjustable, relaxed position and the technology does the work for you. The pelvic floor muscles are rhythmically tensed and then relaxed again.


The most important advantages are that firstly the PelviPowerTM training does not require any exertion. Secondly, the effect is greater than with traditional pelvic floor training or independent training. Furthermore, in most cases training results are noticeable considerably quicker. In addition, the whole muscle system of the core is strengthened.

Users report a good to very good tolerability. The training does not cause any exertion but still stimulates blood circulation. The training creates a good tissue perfusion that is perceived directly during and after a training session on the PelviPower as pleasant and with lasting benefits. 


The PelviPowerTM training takes effect relatively quickly for most users. The degree of improvement varies from person to person, but most users feel an improvement approximately after the 5th session, perhaps a little sooner or a little later. It can generally be stated that a rapid improvement effect occurs during the initial training sessions. Over the course of further training sessions, the building and tightening of the muscles proceed continuously.

This question requires a differentiated answer: On the one hand, the effect of the PelviPowerTM training depends on the condition of the user at the start of the training. On the other hand, it depends on whether independent training or physical activities follow the training.

Faster training results through parallel independent training have not yet been verified. However, it is advisable to start independent training at an early stage. Through the PelviPowerTM training, the user feels their pelvic floor sooner and more clearly than with traditional training. An advantage of this is that a better physical sense of the pelvic floor muscles develops relatively quickly and in a targeted manner. This stabilises the success of the treatment in the long term.

There are health restrictions in the form of absolute contraindications. The PelviPowerTM training may not be used in cases of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Implants of an electronic or metallic nature in the area between the knee and neck e.g. insulin pump, cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, hormone spiral, hip joint made of metal alloy, metal screws, nails etc. in the area from 10 cm above the knee joint on the thigh to the lower abdomen
  • Epilepsy
  • Severe cardiac arrhythmia.

After operations or radiotherapy, the training may only be carried out at least 4 weeks after the treatment. In case of acute fever, inflammations in the urogenital tract or painful haemorrhoids, the treatment can be uncomfortable. During menstruation it can also happen that sensitivity to the training is temporarily higher than normal. It is recommended to consult a doctor or therapist.

No. The PelviPowerTM training is easy and safe to carry out. You are supported by a certified trainer who can answer your personal queries at any time.
You should merely ensure that you have no metallic items in your pockets during the training, such as your mobile phone.

Yes, as part of a rehabilitation measure after a prostatectomy, the PelviPowerTM training can be used for example to prevent post-operative urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

Yes, the PelviPowerTM training is designed especially to prevent the consequences of a weak pelvic floor at an early stage and effectively. Train your pelvic floor at an early stage and strengthen your health!

In principle, it is recommended to empty the bladder before the PelviPowerTM training session, but it is not essential. During treatment, few users feel the urge to void. However, if it is necessary to go to the toilet, the PelviPowerTM training can be paused at any time and then resumed at the same stage afterwards.

There is no age restriction. On the contrary: The training method is suitable and recommended for any age.

Especially for retirement homes/care homes/rehabilitation centres, the training is recommended as it significantly raises the dignity and quality of life of the elderly and the use of incontinence products (pads) can be reduced. With advancing age, there is the threat of the loss of physical mobility and freedom of movement. Especially in this case, training with the PelviPowerTM is an efficient option and a straightforward way of regaining some quality of life.

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