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Recommended by experts
Recommended by experts


Expert opinions

Maria Elliott - Testimonial

With the PelviPower training, it is possible for women and mothers to improve the coordination, stability and strength of pelvic floor contraction, as well as to eliminate incontinence and the symptoms of a descending pelvic floor.

Maria Elliott

Physiotherapist, Director MEPS Clinic, London

Prim. Dr. univ. med. Eva Maria Uher - Testimonial

This training is a helpful option especially in the treatment of persons with restricted mobility.

Prim. Dr. univ. med. Eva Maria Uher

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Sexual Medicine, Director Pelvic Floor in the Centre, Vienna 

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Dirk Ulaszewski - Testimonial

Not only competitive sportspeople but everybody should make provisions at an early stage for their health and quality of life. The PelviPower training is easy to use, saves time and brings excellent results in prevention and fitness for the pelvic floor.

Dirk Ulaszewski

Olympic participant, Seoul 1988 in the 1000 metres single kayak,
multiple World Championship participant, multiple German champion, member of emadeus (club of the German Sports Aid Foundation), member of “VSO”

Dr. med. univ. Max Kumpfmüller - Testimonial

The technology is mature and state-of-the-art. Owing to its versatility, the therapeutic spectrum ranges from faecal incontinence to rehabilitation after a prostatectomy. The system represents a good complementary measure in continence therapy.

Dr. med. univ. Max Kumpfmüller

Surgeon and proctologist FMH
Surgery & Rectum Practice, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Dr. med. univ. Darius Chovghi - Testimonial

The training success is very positive. For almost all patients, it led to a significant improvement or elimination of the symptoms.

Dr. med. univ. Darius Chovghi

Specialist in General Medicine,
state-certified trainer for weight training and gymnastics, CMI Diploma in Men’s Health

Univ.-prof. DDr. Winfried Mayr - Testimonial

The magnetic field stimulation is very suitable for strengthening the core. It offers an excellent depth effect for effective neuromuscular training.

Univ.-prof. DDr. Winfried Mayr

Professor of Rehabilitation Technology

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Experience Reports

The user started training with the PelviPower 2 years after his surgery. At the start of training, a jabbing was felt during permeation of the pelvic floor, when training pelvic floor perception, but with the described treatment during the first training unit, the scarred and sticky tissue could be released without further problems.

The user came to the office regularly, quickly noticed a libido increase and a slow improvement during the day. Waking up during the night decreased from 4-5 times to a maximum of 2 times a night. Through long and intensive training, an acceptable state was achieved and the user was motivated to take on aftercare. Depending on the users current status, the training could sometimes take place only once a week. During the training 2 setbacks were recorded. Once with an intensive hike, the other time with the garden in very cool temperatures. The overload of physical exertion during walking could be restored within 10 days, however, working in a cold environment caused a longer symptomatic period. Here was also a pronounced influenza infection over a longer period added, which had an adverse effect on the training course. However, after complete healing of the flu infection and continuing of exercise, the original improvement could be restored.

Carpenter, 68 years

PelvipowerTM-Training after prostatectomy

Both users reported erectile dysfunction for a few weeks. In example 1, no erection could be achieved, which indicated a hypertonic pelvic floor. In example 2, the erection could not be maintained, as a reaction of a hypertonic pelvic floor. In both cases, high frequencies were worked with to achieve a tonus regulation and increased blood flow in the area.
The training was started and the intensity was adjusted in stages. The treatment structure of the frequencies was in accordance with the therapy objectives aimed for. The hypertonic pelvic floor muscles in example 1 were first prepared with a light activation in a low frequency range and then the tonus was treated very intensively with high frequencies

In Example 2, the frequency has been changed. Preliminary tissue activation with high frequencies first solves fascial adhesions of the immobility and only then frequencies between 20 - 25 Hz are applied for deliberately strong contraction.

By the 7th training session, there was also a very positive feedback regarding the actual problem.
Also worth mentioning is the condition of the leg muscles, in particular shortened adductors and ischiocrural musculature. Due to the sedentary activities of the users and the lack of balancing movements, these activities were considerably shortened. Learning the correct stretching exercises furthered the understanding of the interaction of the leg, pelvic and pelvic floor muscles and was directly implemented by the users, whether in daily exercises or a significantly increased attention to stretching in the sports sector.
The majority of these users had this problem but together saw very rapid training success after 3.5 weeks.

Example 1, underwent the training over a second training period in order to be able to increase the goal of weight training, without further complaints.
In Case 2, the understanding of daily stretching exercises and balance sports could be stimulated and was integrated into the daily routine at least during the training period.

Programmer, 35 years / Taxi driver, 37 years

PelvipowerTM-Training against erectile dysfunction

The positive effect on the complexion is slightly evident from the first treatments, but only as a limited secondary effect. It was only when younger users also made use of the PelviPower training after births that there were increasing reports of an improved complexion with “before / after” comparisons.

Colleagues were, so to speak, "long-term experiments" made and confirmed the result. The effect of the body-forming was achieved at frequencies of 20-25Hz and an improvement of the skin with higher frequencies from 35+ Hz. Resulting from the desires of the goals and a combination training, which begins with the hyperemic effect of PelviPower and with the strengthening ends to keep the shape.
Positive effects are not only visible in the silhouette of the pelvis and the legs, but also the pelvic floor is seen to be more intensively controllable and more sensitive. So some users reported a clear increase in pleasure during the act.

Stewardess, 2 children

PelvipowerTM-Training against a loss of libido, PelvipowerTM-Training against cellulite

Referred by the gynaecologist with the diagnosis of degree 1-2 stress incontinence with a request for pelvic floor training.
At the anamnesis, the user stated she was leaking urine unwillingly, with an increasing tendency, when walking downhill or down stairs, getting into the car or when sneezing. At night, the lady must also get up 2-3 x to go to the toilet. The bladder profile confirmed the suspicion that in addition it is a case of urge incontinence. Urination 12-14 x per day with quantities around 200ml.

After training, the independent pelvic floor training that the woman should perform 2-3 times a day, the postponement strategies were also explained, which should help the bladder to increase its capacity again.
In the case of magnetic field training, the woman was given the program "mixed incontinence" in order to achieve blood circulation in the pelvis and above all to achieve a good strengthening of the pelvic floor. The Bio-Feedback-Training was also used to improve the voluntary control of the pelvic floor and to make it visible. The user stated that she even felt soreness.
After only 4 sessions, i.e. already at the 5th visit, the user stated that she would not have to get up at night and that she would not have any unwanted loss of urine.

Housewife, 63 years

PelvipowerTM-Training against incontinence, PelvipowerTM-Training against stress incontinence

Already from the first treatments, the sensitisation of the area was significantly improved, the intensities could be increased very quickly and there were no signs of overburdening. The training went well and the scheduling was complied with exemplarily by the user. However, the user only recognised the improvement in everyday life through the concluding discussion with the therapist, with a significant improvement in the last 2 weeks, as when engaging in sports, especially tennis, there was no more leakage of urine.

This type of success is common for training with the PelviPower. In a few cases, there is a clear improvement from training to training. The problem slowly creeps out of the user's life and gradually leaves a feeling of security as well as a resurgence of social interactions. To visualize these changes, the therapist should take notes in the initial interview. Also taking side notes to each training give a good overview of the previous training course and facilitate handovers between therapists and doctors.

Housewife, 46 years

PelvipowerTM-Training as a prophylaxis, PelvipowerTM-Training for sportspeople

Directly after birth, incontinence problems occurred due to the perineal tear and injuries during the birth process.

An initial understanding of the postnatal exercise provided an insight into the pelvic floor, but the execution was rather uncertain and irregular. At the start of the training, the user reported slight incontinence problems, such as lifting and carrying the child. The active gymnastics were hardly carried out, because the incontinence problems recovered to some degree on their own, but the healing process came to a standstill. The determining of the coil position showed several pain sites in the pelvic floor. Here, the coil was positioned next to the pain site, increasing the frequency and waiting for some time until the user had a painless feeling. The pain was once indicated in the sacral area and once much more ventrally in the vaginal area.

After loosening the pain points, the coil position could be determined and recorded normally. Further treatments remained painless. The user learned about the perception of the pelvic floor and the contraction possibilities within the first 2-3 sessions and was able to execute the recovery gymnastics according to his own instructions. The first successes came after the third treatment, by the 8th treatment, the user was almost free of all complaints.

Commercial clerk, 28 years

PelvipowerTM-Training after giving birth

Due to the PelviPower pelvic floor training, I have regained control of my bladder, am strengthening my core and can concentrate on my baby.

Petra H., 29 years

PelvipowerTM-Training against incontinence

Since the PelviPowerTM training, I can watch full-length cinema films again.

Inge S., 42 years

PelvipowerTM-Training against incontinence