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Would you like to offer the effective PelviPower training method in your fitness studio? Just get in touch. We offer our holistic concept to Location Partners, wrapped up in an attractive package deal. Drop us a line. Thrill your customers with our PelviPower training.

Benefits & terms

PelviPower training
in your studio

  • You have around 12 sq. m. of space,
  • as well as the standard infrastructure
  • PonteMed installs the entire system and offers certification as a PelviPower trainee in addition to on-site induction
  • PonteMed provides the treatment cards for your customers via the IT system, as well as all marketing materials and the starter pack
  • You sell the treatment to your customers and settle with PonteMed in one simple process
  • You can choose between standard and individual treatment for your clients

The PelviPower Academy

Certification from our experts

Reap the rewards of the PelviPower Academy. Our experts will train you and your therapists in the unique PelviPower method.

We look forward to hearing from you.

PonteMed AG
Seestrasse 111
9326 Horn TG
Telephone +41 71 333 60 77
e-mail: office@pelvipower.com

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