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Recommended by experts
Recommended by experts

That's how PelviPowerTM works

PelviPowerTM Magnetic field training

PelviPowerTM trains the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles. In everyday clothing, very comfortably while sitting. PelviPowerTM is an innovative way to train your pelvic floor easily using a magnetic field.

With PelviPowerTM you can train:

  • relaxation
  • strengthening
  • fascia and
  • blood flow

Effect and Function

The entire muscular system of the pelvis and in the hip, buttocks and thigh area is trained.
The repeating magnetic pulse stimulates and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles on a neuromuscular basis. The micromassage effect significantly stimulates blood circulation in the entire trunk as well as in the lower lumbar region.


Pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor is the connective tissue-muscular floor of the pelvic cavity in humans. It becomes lower than that of the levator muscle. This muscle is like many other important traction skills.

Advantages of a trained pelvic floor:

  • Increased affordability in sports
  • More desire for sex, increased libido
  • Better posture, more charisma
  • Pregnancy preparation
  • Get fit again after birth
  • Better controllability of the urge to urinate

The human pelvic floor lies in the pelvic cavity. Its task is to support the position of the abdominal and pelvic organs, as well as the closing of the anus, vagina and urethra.


An untrained pelvic floor can often be the cause of a range of complaints: incontinence, bladder weakness, potency problems, backache, menstrual cramps, loss of libido etc.


Through regular training with PelviPowerTM, the pelvic floor is noticeably strengthened. The literal “strength from the core” leads to a greater independence and quality of life. In sport, a strong pelvic floor ensures stability and acceleration.


Pelvic floor training against: