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Recommended by experts
Recommended by experts

Pelvic floor training against incontinence

Incontinence compromises your life at all times. Your bladder determines your daily schedule. Dripping or the escaping of urine are a nuisance in everyday life. Pads provide an emergency solution. With the PelviPowerTM training, we help you to regain some freedom. You can train your pelvic floor easily and conveniently. A strong pelvic floor can help you to control your bladder. So that you can do what you please when and how you want.

The human pelvic floor lies in the pelvic cavity. Its task is to support the position of the abdominal and pelvic organs, as well as the closing of the anus, vagina and urethra.


An untrained pelvic floor can often be the cause of a range of complaints: incontinence, bladder weakness, potency problems, backache, menstrual cramps, loss of libido etc.


Through regular training with PelviPowerTM, the pelvic floor is noticeably strengthened. The literal “strength from the core” leads to a greater independence and quality of life. In sport, a strong pelvic floor ensures stability and acceleration.




423 Mio.
people suffer from


Advantages of the PelviPowerTM-training for incontinence:

  • Strengthening of the muscles through magnetic field training
  • Easy and pain-free training
  • Non-invasive training, i.e.: You sit on a chair and train in your everyday clothing
  • Stronger effect than conventional independent training
  • Proven by scientific studies
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists
  • Noticeable, muscle-stimulating effect from the first session
  • Personal training profile from our certified trainers after the first trial training

Training duration

To achieve an optimal result, we recommend the following training plan:

Training unit

Weekly training

Training duration

Step by step to a strong pelvic floor

1. Analysis of the
pelvic floor

During your first training unit, the pelvic floor is analysed. Without any effort on your part.

2. Setting up
personalised training

Your certified PelviPowerTM trainer will put together your personal training plan.

3. Training in everyday clothing

Your training session is 15-20 minutes. Your pelvic floor is contracted up to 25,000 times.

"During my menopause I felt a loss of my libido. The PelviPowerTM- training gave me vitality and joie de vivre again."


Mrs. M. (56 years old)*

Incontinence after menopause


"After prostate surgery I had problems with dribbling. Thanks to PelviPowerTM , I can go on the road again without any worries."

Mr. P. (66 years old)*

Incontinence after prostate suergery


"After the birth, I made my pelvic floor fit again thanks to the uncomplicated PelviPowerTM training!"

Mrs. F. (32 years old)*

Incontinence after birth