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Recommended by experts
Recommended by experts

Training concept

The PelviPowerTM training consists of a combination of magnetic field training, biofeedback training and independent training.

Magnetic field training

On the basis of magnetic waves, the pelvic floor is automatically trained (RPMS: repetitive peripheral muscle stimulation).

Biofeedback training

On the basis of measuring certain body reactions, self-perception is playfully supported.

Independent training

You receive instructions for independent training from a certified trainer.

Structure and function

Structure and position of the pelvic floor

The human pelvic floor lies in the pelvic cavity. Its task is to support the position of the abdominal and pelvic organs, as well as the closing of the anus, vagina and urethra.

A weak pelvic floor

An untrained pelvic floor can often be the cause of a range of complaints: incontinence, bladder weakness, potency problems, backache, menstrual cramps, loss of libido etc.

A trained pelvic floor

Through regular training with PelviPowerTM, the pelvic floor is noticeably strengthened. The literal “strength from the core” leads to a greater independence and quality of life. In sport, a strong pelvic floor ensures stability and acceleration.

Effect and function

Magnetic waves

PelviPowerTM trains the whole muscular system of the pelvis as well as the hip, buttock and thigh area.


The repeated magnetic impulse stimulates and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles on a neuromuscular basis. The micro massage effect clearly stimulates blood flow throughout the trunk as well as in the lower lumbar vertebrae area.

Download “The PelviPowerTM magnetic field training device in detail”

PelviPower™ magnetic field trainer

PelviPower™ Biofeedback training

The biofeedback trainer supports your independent training in a playful manner. An integrated sensor registers the activity of the pelvic floor muscles. This allows the muscle movement during the training to be visualised on a screen. This biofeedback increases the effectiveness of the training. The biofeedback training is an alternative, efficient training for all those who are contraindicated for magnetic field training.

Using Biofeedback-PelviPower you train:

  • Independent training in a playful way
  • Coordination of muscle movements
  • Self-observation

Download “The PelviPowerTM biofeedback training device in detail”

Effect and function

Measured physical reactions

The muscle tension of the pelvic floor is measured by a sensor.

Self-observation & feedback of the PelviPowerTM playfully support active training of the pelvic floor.


Download “The PelviPowerTM biofeedback training device in detail”

PelviPower™ Biofeedback Trainer

Pelvipower™ training procedure

PelviPowerTM includes sequential training units for maximum training success. This ensures high customer satisfaction.
A PelviPowerTM beginner’s training package contains between 8 and 20 training units. This is followed by building up or maintenance training packages according to your individual training objectives.

Step by step to a strong pelvic floor

Analysis of the
pelvic floor

During your first training unit, the pelvic floor is analysed. Without any effort on your part.

Setting up
personalised training

Your certified PelviPowerTM trainer will put together your personal training plan.

PelviPowerTM training card

Your personal training is recorded on your training card and supports you in achieving optimal training success.

Training duration

To achieve an optimal result, we recommend the following training plan:

Training unit

Weekly training

Training duration