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Training to strengthen
the pelvic floor

The newly developed PelviPower training addresses a growing need in all sections of society. Most people in Western society work in a seated position. And even when we move, we still spend long periods sitting in cars, trains and airplanes. At the gym, we tend to work on our exterior musculature, neglecting our core, the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles. The non-invasive PelviPower training is a simple and effective way to strengthen the pelvic floor. With the unique combination of magnetic field therapy and biofeedback training.

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The pelvic floor

They weave their magic in the background, unnoticed, almost a taboo issue: the pelvic floor muscles – one of the body’s most important muscle groups. The pelvic floor is responsible for your health, energy, charisma and joie de vivre. The pelvic floor is the centre of power at the core of your body. Actually you will only notice it when it stops working properly. For instance if you experience incontinence, bladder weakness or erectile dysfunction. Reason enough to train the pelvic floor muscles – and the PelviPower method is the easiest, most convenient and effective way.

- The method -


PelviPower is a new method that trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles simply and effectively. State-of-the-art medicine combined with effective individual training – patented certainty thanks to the globally unique PelviPower module.

PelviPower with RPMS
(repetitive peripheral muscle stimulation)

PelviPower training acts on all of the muscles around the pelvis, the gluteus and the upper thighs. RPMS stimulates the pelvic floor muscles at a neuromuscular level. The micro-massage effect significantly increases circulation throughout the trunk and lower lumbar region. PelviPower training is particularly suited to neuromuscular training and strengthening of the pelvic floor among people who are unable or unwilling to complete individual training in a standard setting.




The training programme is configured and activated intuitively using the easy-to-operate touchscreen menu.


Adjustable magnetic field coil

The coil can be moved 18 cm forwards or backwards. This ensures that each patient receives ideal training.


Seating position

Individually adjustable for a comfortable and effective seating position.


Adjustable armrest

Can be folded up as necessary for ease of access, e.g. wheelchair users.



The upholstery colour can be selected from our design catalogue.



Automatic detection of metallic implants. The patented mechanism prevents contraindicated treatments. Globally unique, available only with PelviPower.

Biofeedback training (BFT) –
Individual training for the pelvic floor

The biofeedback trainer supports the patient’s individual training. An integrated sensor detects the activity of the pelvic floor muscles. This enables visualisation of muscle movement on a monitor during training. This biofeedback increases the effectiveness of training. Biofeedback training is the efficient alternative for persons who are contraindicated for magnetic field training.




A diagram on the display instructs the patient to tighten and relax the muscles. The muscle movements are visualised on a screen during training.


Biofeedback sensor

A sensor integrated in the seat registers the activity of the pelvic floor muscles, displaying the intensity on the screen.



Ergonomic backrest for stable support during training.



The sensor can be adjusted individually to suit the body. This ensures the best possible training results.


Your training settings are stored on a PelviPower treatment card to ensure that your pelvic floor training is as simple and effective as possible. This way, PelviPower knows exactly how to train your pelvic floor.

- Science -


  • Pulsed magnetic stimulation for stress incontinence 
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  • RPMS versus pelvic floor training – Evaluation and comparison of two established methods to care for people with incontinence problems
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  • Device evaluation for a pelvic floor training ... by measurement of the EMG activity of the pelvic floor in various test positions
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  • Pilot study EXCIO: Prototype of a biofeedback trainer
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Contact us for more information about these studies: office@remove-this.pelvipower.com

“Magnetic field stimulation is extremely well suited to strengthening the body core. It provides an excellent deeply penetrating effect for an effective neuromuscular training.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Winfried Mayr, Professor for Rehabilitation Technology specialising in functional electrical stimulation at the Centre for Medical Physics and Biomedical Technology at the Vienna Medical School


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